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National Heritage Week 2021

National Heritage Week 2021 takes place from 14th August until 22nd August. Take part in STONEBUILT IRELAND’S wall stone types recording scheme. This can be undertaken as part of Heritage Week 2021 or at any other time, and can be done as a collective exercise by local heritage groups, by schools, or by individuals as a “Wall Game”.

Boundary walls in Ireland are wonderful structures that often reflect the local underlying geology. More information is needed on the varieties of style and materials used. This exercise focusses on walls in particular but information can also be recorded of stone used for buildings, monuments, and gravestones. Follow the STONEBUILT IRELAND Workshop Modules 2a-2c where the major stone types (Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic) are characterised and you will learn how to identify them. Then follow Module 3 on ‘Walls’ which provides more information on this project. Examine walls in your locality, record the stone types used, and document where they were quarried and who built the walls if known. Note the construction style of the walls, and detail how the stone was finished by the craftspeople who built them. The information documents features of important local heritage and fabric that is often threatened with removal, and will be particularly useful if and when walls require repair.

STONEBUILT IRELAND would be delighted to receive the recording sheets, sketches and photographs documenting stone walls anywhere in Ireland. For further information please contact us.

Complete the webinar series, download the sample recording sheet and embark on recording stone walls across Ireland.

Dimension Stone / Stonebuilt Ireland Project Agreement – Signed

STONEBUILT IRELAND recently signed a research collaboration agreement between GSI, TCD & OPW to run the project for a further 2 years beginning in December 2020. This project will build on work already completed and funded by the Irish Research Council (March 2019-November 2020), which carried out primary research on the topic and developed a simple database and web-based platform as well as hosting various heritage displays at venues. Read more.


Building stone exhibitions were installed at key OPW heritage sites in each province in celebration of Heritage Week 2019.

The information display panels for each exhibition can be viewed below (click to enlarge)

General information panel on building and decorative stone in Ireland
General information panel on decorative stone in Ireland
Connemara Visitor Centre information panel: Connemara Marble
Connemara Visitor Centre information panel: Galway Black Marble
Ardfert information panel: building stone in Kerry
Ardfert information panel: Sandstone at Ardfert
Ardfert information panel: Stone working at Ardfert
OPW Trim information panel: geology and building stone of Co Meath
OPW Trim information panel: heritage sites of Co Meath
Museum Building TCD information panel: stone in Dublin
Museum Building TCD information panel: decorative stone